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The Girl

I relish in all kinds of weirdness. My life revolves around things like Tom Hiddleston's being, endless desserts, and cheap champagne. I still use the oxford comma, nerd out over almost everything, and self-deprecate and self-love daily. My perfect dinner party would be planned by Tori Spelling, have the Parks and Rec cast on the guest list, and end with a Mariokart contest.
I would win.

If you need me to teach you the art of pop culture recall or you just want to chat, email me at

The Blog 

The idea for the gonnas began in March 2011, thanks to an anxiety-filled conversation with my mother. If you want to understand what they are other than bold-face font worthy, the process and the first phase of gonna'ing is explained in this entry. The second phase of bigger, more visceral fear-conquering gonnas is explained here.

Currently, I'm busy rocking out my 26 Gonnas for 26 list.

More than anything, this project has evolved into smorgasbord of a personal blog, fueled by the idea that we should all be doing what we say and saying what we do.

If you have suggestions or comments or concerns or all of the above, please visit my contact page where you will hopefully find answers to your questions, as well as a way to contact me if you can't.

Stay classy, Internet.
I'm Reyonce Noels?


  1. I like that flying to SA is at the tippity top of your list :)

  2. You can cross #17 off the list ;)

    1. I did, I did! (Just on my paper copy ;) So exciting, thanks, Sean! Here's to many more!!