Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eat the Cake, Anna Mae. (And By Anna Mae, I Mean My Brain)

Yesterday was another success, at least in terms of this project. My Target gonna was completed pretty quickly and the pizza-baking gonna was absolutely executed, due to my overwhelming hunger and general love of food.

I didn't get around to resumés AGAIN. If I'm being honest, it's probably because it doesn't seem to be leading anywhere, but only my subconscious would be smart enough to come up with something like that. I have to slap my conscious brain around a little bit until it sees who's boss. Eat the cake, Anna Mae.

I DID, however, start reading a book in the vein of this blog. I have seen it lying around my house for years and watched both the skits AND the movie repetitively. I just never felt there could be a legitimate connection between a character that Al Franken made up and my actual life. But, oh, this book is an uncanny mirror of my inner dialogue:

If you're digging this blog, you'll love, at the very least, the first few pages of Stuart Smalley's affirmations. Completing it is currently on my HUGE list of "I'm gonnas."

Today I'm gonna: drive back to Boone, make an outline of the things that need to happen over the next two weeks, try to catch up with some friends, and FINISH ONE JOB APPLICATION!

I figure if I trick my brain into doing one resumé, maybe the cells in there will give into peer pressure and start sending signals to my fingers to type 'til I drop.

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