Monday, March 21, 2011

The Switch

My body was still recovering yesterday from the massive occurrence of random pain AND lack of sleep, so I got started on my chores, aka my first gonna of the day, pretty late. By the time I was done, it was close to sunset.

Since my storage unit is in the middle of nowhere, I ran with my gut paranoia and decided not to go out there to sort through things since the black of night was eminent. Being a SWF (not of the Jennifer Jason Leigh variety) can be scary after the sun falls behind the mountains, especially when you're in a deserted place that people probably use to house things like drug stashes and dead bodies.

Instead of letting it defeat me and this project, I took a step back and slapped myself into some kind of sorta-awakeness to sort through things that were already here. I looked around and realized that even though everything else in my life is messy, my apartment is actually pretty organized. You know what's not? All of the crap I pile and pile onto this poor 'lil MacBook's hard drive.

I did major digital rearranging and cleared a few gigs before the pain returned and forced me into my bed. Again, rather than kick my own ass in defeat, I simply started another book on my lengthy list... and finished it.

Judge me all you want, I am a Tori fan for life. I love her because, through some trickery of the anxiety pixies, she MIGHT be more neurotic than me. Maybe... but I did just obsess over whether or not the layout of that lo-res photo would be vertical or horizontal for at least five minutes.

Yesterday I may have switched gonnas, but did I do them? You bet your wife & kids I did.

Today, I'm gonna: pay bills, do more dishes, and apply for more jobs. Then, depending on my pain index, I'm gonna attempt a walk of Strawberry Hill.

(I need encouragement from everyone through this tough physical time. Waiting on me hand and food is preferable, but snarky jokes and letters of my bewitching beauty will not be spurned either.)


  1. “My Dog Can beat up Paris Hilton's Dog.” Tori Spelling quote.

  2. "A room without a book is like a body without a soul." Cicero

  3. I like your title better without the quotations. Might even start my own blog called "I'm gonna do that girl too" documenting my deviant sexual escapades.

  4. Anonymous's need to start signing their names when they post. The comments just don't make me laugh as hard as I would without context of who said them. DO IIIITTTT!