Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Straightening Up

Today I'm gonna do things a little differently. I'm coming into this entry already having my one HUGE gonna accomplished.

I returned to the chiropractor to stare at my insides and finally figure out what's been going on. The verdict? I have two pinched nerves and my neck is completely straight. In case you didn't know, your vertebrae are supposed to curve forward like this:

Mine looks more like this:

I would even dare to say mine is slightly straighter. Either way, all of my health problems over the past couple of years could possibly be caused by what's going on with my nerves and my back. I'm not gonna front, I cried. My life has been very altered by health problems and to finally find a possible solution is equivalent to bathing in vanilla pudding, being surrounded by fluffy puppies... jumping on shaking Simon Pegg's hand!

Despite yelling at cars not using their turn signal on the way home AND having to miss out on a trip to Philly to see Donald Glover (dying inside), I still feel so much relief. I have another appointment tomorrow. Soon I'll feel better. Soon I'll be better at this blog. Soon I'll be a normal person again.

Today and from now on, I'm gonna get healthy.

Everyone send lots of traveling luck to the two ladies, Sara and Alie, who are still en route to Philadelphia to feast their eyes upon pure beauty.

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  1. You WILL get better . . . you WILL get better . . . !