Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Riddance to Good Rubbish

I've been slowly poring over boxes and baskets and trash bags full of my belongings for the past week in an effort to smartly pack. I have the luxury of time on my side for the only instance in my history of many-a-move, so it would be a disservice not to organize now. The conclusion I've come to: I have so much clothing, it's ridiculous. In fact, as David Cross would say, it's so ridiculous, it's ridonkulous.

I'm also doing several loads of laundry and have THREE unpictured dressers. I clearly have a problem.

I've slowly managed to stack a mountain of boxes and bags that are destined for Goodwill, but there are still far too many "to keep" piles for my taste. I tie weird sentimental value to some items of clothes, as if the clothing will some how hold the memory, but that's bullshit. I hold the memory in my head, so I've just gotta start letting stuff go.

Enter a new program I'm implementing on myself. Those stragglers I never wear but have somehow made it through multiple moves are finally gonna get the boot... after I wear them one last time. I figure if I dress up the shabby digs, snap an Instagram, and give each of them one last adventure, I can let 'em go without a hitch. I'm gonna minimize my wardrobe, one day at a time. Oh, and you get to see it all. Word.

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  1. I'll come over- I love to purge! :) you'll get the hang of it.