Friday, January 13, 2012

The (Almost) End of a Chapter

Well here we are, Friday the 13th. On a day dedicated to irrational fears and bad luck, I can't think of a better day to update you on my own irrationality.

I've been playing this ping-pong for so many months that it seems almost like it's supposed to keep going. "I need to go to the dentist!" "But it's scary." "The dentist will be fine, I've never been scared of him before!" "But what if they tell you you need oral surgery?" "That's okay, it'll be worth it." "BUT WHAT IF YOU DIE UNDER ANESTHESIA?!"

Well, that bold little voice has been silenced rather suddenly by my baby sister's encounter with the teeth doctor. I know it's wrong to use your super awesome sibling as a guinea pig, but she was scheduled to get her wisdom teeth out long ago. Why not use her situation to my advantage by fiercely texting her to ask 5,000 questions and make sure she's alive?

She luckily had a great experience and had nothing but great words to say about the whole of it, and because of that, I feel free to call the dentist to make an appointment. I feel free to visit them without fear of their report. I feel free of this extremely stupid fear that has been weighing so heavily on my shoulders, day in and day out.

I can't wait to cross this off my list and move on to the next gonna, but in a superstitious move, I'm not going to be making any moves until the clock is well past midnight. I don't need any bad luck following me on my journey to wholeness!

Have a great weekend, y'all. See you Monday.

P.S. Would getting my hair cut like this on Friday the 13th be a bad move?

(P.P.S. Please don't disown me, Kacey.)


  1. Post a picture of tha hurr do asap! :)

  2. Git that Kim K. hair, PLEASE.

  3. I think we definitely need to see how this turns out.

  4. Starting to pay attention to my Tumblr - slowly but surely

  5. DID IT! Well, kinda. My hair was unhealthy like 4 inches up, so I had to cut off more, but the layers are intact and when it starting growing back out (in like 2 days), it will start to look more like ol' Kimberly's every day. Photo to come after I show the boy when he returns from his business trip.