Thursday, January 19, 2012

Off My Game

It's been a crazy week at work, so I'm kind of fried right now. I really want to write something of substance for once, but my brain ain't havin' it. I'm thinking in short, discombobulated sentences, so that's all you get for now, my friends.

Here's my new hair. It's alarmingly shorter, so that should indicate how long my hair actually was to those who have not seen it or been attacked by it in person.

OH, JUST STOP IT! As if it's not hard enough waiting for this movie, these Hollywood assholes have to release this picture and make me want it more.

Revenge, why you so good?

Rachel Bilson, I love you.

BF and I got a gym membership today, and I already have a start-up appointment with a personal trainer tomorrow. Good time to remember I don't own a pair of tennis shoes. Word.

And last but not least, due to my other horrid habit I've resolved to overcome this year (procrastination), I have not yet called the dentist. I shall do so tomorrow on my day off.


  1. Your hair looks lovely, and I can't wait for The Hunger Games, either. I hope they do it justice. So far I'm hopeful, but a PG13 rating? Maybe they're going with the "stuff you can't see is scarier than what you can" angle. Or maybe Cato will just get nibbled into submission by chihuahuas? Whatever.

  2. Thank you, my dear! I've seen a lot of PG-13 movies lately with violence that kind of startled me, considering the language restrictions on the same rating are so strict, so it might be just as gory as the book! Who knows? I really hope they do it justice, too! Reading "Catching Fire" right now...

  3. Look at you, you gorgeous thing!! I tried to comment yesterday but hit technical difficulties. I really must read these books already...

  4. I CANNOT STOP WATCHING IT! It's so good, and I want Nolan to be my best friend/partner in crime. Emily Thorne, you lucky bitch.