Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live Tweeting the Oscars!

Oscar Night is literally one of the best days of the year to me. I have watched them every year since I was a kid because my parents had only recently left their jobs in Hollywood when I came into the world. I know most chicks watch it for the fashion alone. Don't get me wrong, I drool over the dresses, but I NEVER watch the Red Carpet. My favorites are laughing with the host (BILLY IS BACK, BITCHES!), watching brilliant movies get rewarded, and loving when an unexpected person/film sweeps the awards. Sure, its a night of Hollywood rewarding itself, but who cares? It's crazy fun. Watch my Twitter feed for all my thoughts on the evening!

And no, the fact that I have always wanted an Oscar and bought one for myself when I was 10 has nothing to do with this obsession...

... okay, it has everything to do with it.

Enjoy the Tweeting, dolls!
And Ben Stiller as a Na'vi.

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  1. It cracked me up when I found out the Avatar tribe was called Na'vi. That was my yorkie's name, same spelling minus the apostrophe. :-) *hug*