Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On How to Deal with a Quarter-Life Crisis

If you've been wondering where I am, make sure you're following me at Southern Sheek. I've been posting there a lot to vamp up for a fundraising campaign I just launched last night! I'm trying to be proactive in making my dreams come true. All you women, who independent, throw ya hands up at meeeee...

I've also been a little... how do I put this? Ah, yes... insane. I'm bouncing off the walls with the aforementioned time management struggle, not to mention working my ass off while also trying to start my own business, all while looking like the god damn picture of perfection. Oh, and did I mention I'm turning 25 in less than 10 days?

Quarter-life crisis is a term I became familiar with around my 15th birthday. I'd been listening to that John Mayer kid a lot and when I heard him sing "Might be a quarter-life crisis" in that JAM "Why, Georgia," I thought "Damn, that's stupid. What could you possibly have wrong with your life at age 25? Must be a guy thing."

But as I've been edging closer to the line, piled on years of listening to that song, that album, that singer, I realize just how right he was. How right he

In that essence, I have been doing a lot of things to avoid thinking about the big 2-5, or rather, think about it in a glorious light instead of a holy-shit-I'm-old kind of flicker.

  • I have decided to dye my hair for the first time in my life. That's right, my hair is straight VIRGIN, and while I'm not trying to completely change my hair identity, it would be nice to change up my look for the next quarter of life.
  • I have been trying to replace everything in my immediate space. I'm not going to buy a new family or dump my boyfriend, but I do want to buy a new computer, and paint all the walls everywhere, and redecorate ALL the things, and make new stuff, and buy a totally new wardrobe, and finally get a "new" car, and...
  • I have been questioning my life choices. Like "Maybe I should be a pauper, attempting to act my life away," or "Maybe I should have kids because I'm so close to death now and all of life's fun is gone." You know, the good stuff.
  • I have reaffirmed my life choices. But then I remember I want to drown most kids in a bath, I am already poor so I can do whatever I want anyway, then drink a beer and watch "Steel Magnolias" while crying my makeup off.
  • I have been making everyone around me question their own sanity. I can't tell you how many times J has looked around a room, searching for real life, when I've been on a diatribe about how annoying it is when girls wear sandals to float down the river. BUT REALLY, WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING TENNIS SHOES?!
  • I have been sleeping really early then really late. I go to bed really early. I go to bed really late. I don't know.
  • I have been hobby crazy. I am remembering my love for photography, design, crafts, video, writing, baking, etc. all at the same time. It's an avalanche pressing harder and harder on my brain as they all compete for time and space.
  • I have been trying to make giant life plans. Trip back to NY? Trip down south to meet and visit friends? FINALLY take an adventure to Europe?! Buy a house? SURE, LET'S DO IT ALL RIGHT NOW!
  • I have realized that my life sucks. I am 25 and have barely had a year of job experience under my belt. I don't have my own things. I don't live like a Kardashian. Life!!!!!
  • I have realized my life is AWESOME. I am 25 and I have done an entire mountain of things, I have crazy cool people who love me, I have ambition and drive, a giant to-do list, and I'm on my way to greatness. Besides, I still have five more years before I have to give up that title of "20-something."

All-in-all, I've realized 25, while scary, is going to be the best yet. Ring in my quarter century at the beach with my family, good food, presents, and cocktails? Don't mind if I do.

Come home to celebrate 1-year with my lover boy? I'll take it.

SURPRISE PARTY FOR THE BIGGEST MILESTONE BDAY OF MY LIFE?!?!? There better be, bitches. There better be...

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  1. Reflecting back on it, I don't think I had a quarter life crisis. Of course at the time I was trying to survive a horrible marriage without killing myself, so I didn't really have the energy for it. Seems to me like 25 is a good year to have one, though. Still young enough to change stuff up without looking desperate, like 60-yr-olds driving mustangs and trying to lure hot blondes into their cars. Ugh.