Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Father is Actually Sirius Black

Look at him.

Now look at Sirius, or read his description in the book.

Twinsies, right?

Like Sirius and James Potter were, my father, too, is schooled in the ways of silliness.

Okay, maybe these don't capture his essence of silliness that well if you don't know him, but trust me... HE'S UP TO SOME FUNNY BUSINESS!

He is also quite skilled in the arts of sneakiness and hiding, skills Padfoot honed at Hogwart's, but later found useful when on the run from demonic Dementors/all of the wizarding world.

As you can see, I don't really have the best arsenal of sneaky pics. That's because he's so sneaky (and because my stash of photos is actually at my mom's).

He lived in England. SO DID SIRIUS! He went to a school that was, um, BASICALLY Hogwart's. Here he is visiting a place in Ireland that looks sort-of-but-not-really like both.

Just like Sirius, my dad is a scholar but admits to goofing off much more than studying...

...and really thrives off of the good adventure more than the good book.

He used to work at this library in Liverpool (scholarly), then returned to visit (ADVENTURE-Y)!

And – SPOILER ALERT, BUT IT CAME OUT LIKE 8 YEARS AGO – if Bellatrix hadn't killed her cousin and robbed Sirius of his life (RIP!), Sirius would have been the best dad to Harry. And just like the Sirius I believe still lives on behind the veil, my dad has been the best dad to me!

If you look closely, you will see my father's hands. I am crushing him with my then 24-year-old wine drunk weight. GOOD DUDE!

Oh, and also, he's ACTUALLY a wizard.

Happy birthday and Father's Day, Papa Bear!

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