Saturday, September 7, 2013

Number 17

17. Do some photoshoots (at least one!) with a professional photographer.

About a month out from my 26th birthday, I didn't expect to have a full gonna from my 26 for 26 list scratched off. I expected to have a tally of days up with the sun and perhaps a few leads on some of my other goals, but to believe I'd have one done, finished, TOTALLY FINITO... would be unrealistic. I had to be willing to put time into the process before getting actual results, else I would be swimming in constant disappointment my gonnas weren't happening fast enough, or worse, at all.

But I think something inside of me knew being so realistic would hinder me this time around. 26 Gonnas for 26 is about reaching for something more and going bigger than I have in any year before. And like that tried and true line, you have to do something you've never done before to get something you've never had. And you know what the something I'd never done before was? Opening my eyes. Being receptive. Appreciating what I had at my fingertips...


When scrolling through Instagram as usual, I stumbled across a new local shop. I loved everything about it instantly, so I did what we all do in the age of the follow: followed. Less than a week later, I answered the simple modeling call they put out on their IG account. Sam, the owner, invited me right over for a fitting. Instead of questioning everything the way I always do, I just dove in. And you know what? It felt so comfortable and right.

In what feels like a whirlwind of only seconds, I was meeting up with a group of wonderful models and photographers to do the most epic and exciting guerilla photoshoot for Camel City Covet. Everyone was so open and kind, and it really allowed for the most palpable storm of creativity I have ever felt. It was nothing short of inspiring.

photo by Drake Avenue Photography
photo by Jeremy Maynard
photo by Drake Avenue Photography
photo by Skyler Brown
photo by Drake Avenue Photography

Though tired from a twelve-hour day, I was deliriously happy post-photoshoot. I felt invigorated by the creativity I had been a part of that day, and was pumped to have made a great handful of new friends. Most of all, I was wiser. In less than a day, I had learned how bold and brave you have to be in order to make some of your dreams a reality. I had learned that even though sometimes you're out of practice and even though it won't be perfect, it's essential to take a first step. I had learned that sometimes, you just have to jump right in... even if you're jumping into a freezing cold pool.

And you know what else? It was really, really fun.

photo by Drake Avenue Photography
photo by Drake Avenue Photography
All photos seen here are property of their respective photographers. They're all incredibly talented, awesome, and kind people, so please don't be crappy and take their work without asking. You can check out their stellar work on the sites I linked below each photo.

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  1. I love you! I am so proud of you! And you've always got a friend in me! Can't wait for another crazy shoot.