Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Have Worked All Winter, I Will Not Fail Summer

Guess what, guys? Even when you're trying to do simple deeds, you hit obstacles. After posting yesterday, I immediately picked up the phone and called the only dentist in network up here. My heart was beating so fast, I was so proud I was changing my life, one tooth at a time, I could really feel my whole life... "Dr. Stigall is an oral surgeon, so we only work on referral."


Obviously there are ways around this. I had a back-up plan anyway. But really, BCBS? You only have ONE dentist in the Boone area and he works on mere referrals? Pfff.

So I bit into my pizza. And Lord Jesus, where I once was lost, I now was found. Despite its crustlessness and slightly browned top, it was spectacular. My roommate came home shortly after and we catapulted into a tirade against the grime in our apartment, set against a soundtrack of various Katy Perry tracks.

Hate on my girl KP all you want, but her voice made my room go from derelict to pristine. Check it:

Recap: yesterday I said I was gonna take out the trash/recycling (done), send off some mail (done), make a dentist appointment (fail), and clean my room (done). Three outta four ain't bad.

As a bonus to myself, I ordered that Donald Glover ticket. What, whaaaaat!

Sidenote: I'm not naked, just spaghetti strapped. Now onto a new day of I'm gonnas...

Today, I'm gonna: send in the resum├ęs to all of the jobs I am currently eyeing. (There are so many that I have to scroll through my tabs on Firefox.) I'm also gonna try the iTreadmill app my dad suggested since the weather is threatening to get better.

The little hand says it's time to rock n' roll.

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  1. You were like a human itreadmill, the way you whipped that room into shape!