Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Guess Size Doesn't Matter

Something that has always bothered me in the vein of to-do lists is that some to-do's are just bigger, better, grander than others. That means I can cross off three things on my list before I get to something I feel merits some kind of celebration worthy of champagne and a Miri Linky dance.

Today, I'm embracing the small stuff. Maybe it's because there is some kind of mutant winter weather pouring out of the sky and maybe it's because I just burnt what I thought would be the greatest homemade pita-pizza on the the planet.

Either way, I'm gonna cut those blackened crusts off and give those runts of to-do's a little pat on the back. I have lists of greater "I'm gonna do that"'s piling up, but this one goes out to the little guys.

Today I'm gonna: take out the trash/recycling. Send off my mail. Make a dentist appointment. Clean my room.

Yep. I'm totally gonna do that.

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