Thursday, March 31, 2011

Out of the Floor, Onto the Horse

Yesterday's comeback involved running around the house with/like my dog and out-Martha Stewarting Martha Stewart.

I spent the afternoon searching around the house for items to decorate the front table for my mom's arrival after work. I'm carless, so I couldn't step out and scoop up some luscious diamonds for her, but I still knew I had a surprise in my bones. Besides, literally running around the house on a loop for two hours is more exercise than I've gotten in days. I think I heard a Wednesday gonna just get its wings.

I ended up with a homemade card, à la kindergarten (magazine cutouts and all) and a spread that included wild flowers, blossoms, candles, and a little gift. I also straightened up the house and lit a lifetime supply of candles. Suck on that, Stewart.

We went out for dinner at a local cantina and stuffed our faces with Mexican delights beyond your wildest imagination.

We followed the meal with some old home videos, and before she hopped into bed, the little lady thanked me for making her birthday special. I was happy to do it regardless of my gonna project, but another gonna was completed nonetheless.

I also managed to move around for the first time in two days, laugh, converse with people, update my other blogs, and go through all of my papers/files/folders, etc. to at least begin to quell the chaos that is living. I think that whole "bring order back into my life" gonna can be checked off the list, too.

Today, I'm gonna continue the streak: go to my appointments, hopefully see some old friends, and make some solid plans about the upcoming BIG gonnas... the ones I hope you stay tuned into my brain blog for.

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  1. You did make my birthday special - kiss kiss, bang bang!