Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There's No Picture For Imperfect

Yesterday was bittersweet. I woke up tired, but less sore, less scared, and my heart felt at ease. I also basically "walked" into a wonderful offer to start... well, the rest of my life if I'm being honest.

But then I found that what I thought were spots of strength in my plan were actually points of weakness, and I spent a great few hours crying. It's not out of my system, but I got out of the floor and pulled myself up by my (stylish) bootstraps.

Now that my health is out of the red and I've gotten my self-pity out of my system, all there is room for is fighting for what I want, for growth, for determination, for positivity.

I might have my days, but I am not a weak person. I have always fought for what I wanted, especially if I think those around me can benefit from it. In this situation, I see 98% positive results for all of those involved. The other 2% will fix itself or maybe it won't, but I'm going to be selfish.

Yesterday, I managed to accomplish all three gonnas, despite the emotional roller coaster or whatever other kind of vomit-inducing theme park ride you can think of.

Today, I'm gonna: APPLY TO MORE JOBS! A lot more jobs. I'm also gonna go see my dad.

The bigger gonnas are just around the corner. Stick with me while I get the smaller ones underway. I'll bake you a cookie or a "Shaun of the Dead" cake.

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