Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Last night I spent my evening watching these ladies drink as I ordered cranberry juice, Nicholas Angel style. There were a few rounds of Irish car bombs, some sloppy dancing to Regina Spektor, and one potential bar fight. I loved it.

I did, however, stay up well into the morning, so right now I'm running off the fumes of "Wake the hell up and fix your sleep schedule." The mantra is starting to fade as the hours go on, so no exciting Saturday night waits in the wings for me. (I have suspicions I might actually be 80... or just extremely lazy.)

In order to keep myself awake AND cross some bullets off my life map, today I'm gonna clean my room before trying to feng shui it into some kind of sleep haven.

I hope departing with my horrific sleep schedule won't feel like losing a limb. I might have to start SDA for those of us who miss our once constant insomnia.

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