Saturday, April 9, 2011

To Err Is Human, To Do Is Also Human

(A reenactment of my face upon realizing I missed another post.)

Despite this grievous error, the past two days have been pretty productive. It went as it usually does: as soon as I stopped worrying as much, things just kinda fell into place.

After my entry Thursday, I found it easier to scrub my kitchen counters and polish my dishes. I found it easier to read (and laugh at) the small David Sedaris book I've been sporting. I found resum├ęs easier to send.

As some kind of sign from the post-grad universe, I was suddenly inundated with a flood of important and hopeful information about the business trip I was wishing I could actually take. If I could go back in time and tell my 6-months-ago self that I'd be dreaming of being busy and working again, I wouldn't. I know Rachel 2010 edition would laugh so hard in my face she would cry. And maybe pee a little.

In light of my new job search breakthrough, Friday found me packing and traveling back down the mountain so that I could be in proximity to the train station. I ate a healthy dinner and caught a late showing of "Your Highness" with the boys. I recommend on the looks of Natalie Portman and James Franco alone, but only if you have an advanced sense of humor. By that, I mean you can't be offended by the occasional penis.

All of these things add up to a great list of both planned and unplanned gonnas. (5 & 2, in case you were keeping count or just confused by the schizophrenic nature of this entry.)

Today I'm gonna inform those who I feel would want/need to know about my trip before I reveal it to the blogosphere. I'm gonna get myself organized and ready to go. I'm gonna rest and hopefully see some friends.

Sunday, I'm gonna reveal the first BIG gonna in a very long list. Hold on to ya butts.


  1. It will be a weekend of revelation . . .

  2. omg don't leave me omg don't leave me