Thursday, May 5, 2011

All My Gonnas Down the Drain

Anything I could have possibly done thus far this week has been interrupted by my back pain. I even slept until 7 p.m. today because my sleep was so inadequate that I had to compensate.

I've been stretching copiously to try and work out some of the pain while watching my favorite shows and starting a new one (Twin Peaks). The only thing I'm succeeding at is stretching every other muscle in my body and getting addicted to David Lynch's freakshow on my computer screen.

I'd like to grovel at the feet of all of my friends I haven't seen this week. It's not you, it's my degrading health.

Like I told a friend early this morning: sometimes, it's hard to be positive when your body feels like it's shutting down on you. I won't ever wallow in it, but I will accept the sadness when it comes.

Today has been one of those days. I'm gonna keep the sadness company, but tomorrow will be a new day and I will attempt, yet again, to do what I want and need to do.

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  1. I'm sorry you've been having so much trouble :( It's a good thing to accept what you're feeling. Since January I've not been myself and hide it from everyone except one or two people. It's hard. Hope you feel better soon.