Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Last Weekend

I've been so busy gonna'ing that I haven't been blogging. The trade-off isn't a bad one, but I feel a twinge of guilt when I leave you all without telling you I'm planning to do so. I'll work on that.

Over the past couple of days, I've enjoyed hanging out with my friends and family in both Greensboro and Boone. I've been attempting to get over this sickness and to mentally prepare myself for the transition from no work to a lot of it.

I've also been wondering what I can do for my smaller gonnas 'til I come to another milestone gonna like the kick-ass job I just landed. I think I've decided to start in on the list of DIYs I've been bookmarking like crazy on the Internet. Not only will that give this blog (and my wardrobe/room) a little more visual excitement, but it'll change up my day and hopefully my audience's, too.

Now get off the Internet and go outside! Enjoy this glorious Memorial Day weekend weather. Eat some fucking meat and drink some shitty beer. This is AMURICA! I mean, that's what I'm gonna be doing.

Memorial Day weekend, "I'm Gonna Do That Girl" style.
(I'm really skinny, bald, and white as a sheet... in case you didn't know.)

Be safe, my little ones. I'll be back with you on Monday, hopefully with a blog full of pretty, completed DIYs for your eyes to feast upon.

(Check out the page links on the top of my blog. There's some new stuff on them and you can submit gonnas there, too!)

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  1. I did - I did - eat some fucking meat and drink some shitty beer. No - the beer was NOT shitty! Congrats on the awesome job!