Monday, May 30, 2011

High Anxiety

I failed you all. I completed absolutely zero DIYs, but I did enjoy a cookout with some family and most of my oldest friends, so I'm not really upset. Sorry I'm not sorry.

While I could sit here and pretend that my gonnas of buying work clothes and having dinner with mi padre are what's on my mind, I'm really just gonna have an endless ping-pong game between anxiety and even more anxiety in my head all day. The week hasn't even started and I'm already exhausted.

A part of my soul feels betrayed by my mind for getting an 8-5, but my head knows what's up. I'm not even nervous, but I'm still wired/sleepy/sick/restless/ confused/sad/happy/crazy.

Today I'm gonna need lots of encouragement to keep from driving myself insane.

Bored with this blog? I kind of am, too. Feel free to kick me in the ass like I said you could in my first entry and give me some motivation/ideas here. I will deliver some better material when I don't feel like my head is seconds away from rolling right off of my neck and into the floor, or the trashcan, or something.


  1. You're gonna feel better . . . oh yes, you will . . .

  2. Okay - so this is your mom, and I just made that first post about you feeling better - and then, because I don't have a url or anything else to identify myself, I have to post anonymously because I haven't figured out how to do it otherwise.

    So anyway, when you post you have to then put in the random set of wavy letters they throw out there for security purposes . . . and guess what the random letters were, Rachel? Just guess! . . . no you couldn't guess so neve rmind.

    I had just said, "You're gonna feel better...oh yes you will..." and the security letters were "jongie" . . . That would be Jon G. . . . my little bro and your fabulous uncle . . . telling you quite clearly that you are going to feel better. Heaven sent! Love and hugs . . . or in code that would be xxxxoooo