Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whew, Boy

For something that was supposed to cause little, if any, controversy, my entry yesterday sure kicked up a bunch of dust. Though I was offended by a statement "that my age" meant instant naivety, I have to stop the argument, at least on here. I said it was going to be my last political post, so it's gonna be.

However, if anyone wants to continue debating or even just talk about it, email me at: imgonnadothatgirl@gmail.com. I don't want to cut anyone off from saying all they need to say, but this blog is about keeping promises, and I promised my readers no more politics!

Aside from stirring the pot all day, I ran a few errands with Lucas - including stocking up on books from Ed McKay's - before dinnering and Harry Pottering.

Today I'm gonna go out and search for whatever jobs may be hiding from the Internet, unless the sharp pain in my lower back doesn't subside anytime soon, in which case I'll be hiding with a heating pad in my bed... probably watching documentaries about spontaneous human combustion.

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