Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Really Monday?

I'm baaaaaaaack.

I know I said I'd be back yesterday, but I was busy enjoying the hell out of my last day of my first sandwiched between work weekends. I spent most of the weekend in general on the move after lapsing into a mini-coma on Friday night. After that, it was packed and packed well.

I failed on the DIY front - are you really surprised? - but found it to be much more relaxing not doing one, which took huge precedence over any gangly ass trinket I could attempt to make. Besides, the running theme of that scary vlog you're still having night terrors over was a distinct lack of work, and even a project of my own choosing would have been just that.

It's been really hard to find words lately, in person and on this blog, because of my new job. It's not the job itself draining me of logic, but rather the sharp flip I made in a sleep pattern. I'm hoping by the end of this week, I'll be a little more used to it and a little more inside my own head. I'm not really sure where I am right now, but it's foggy and I'm tired.

Just so those tuning in now and not earlier are clear, I've decided to do every-other-day entries from now on because I'm a fan of quality over quantity... with some exceptions. You probably know said exceptions if you know me.

Tonight I'm gonna fall into the usual Monday stupor, while tomorrow, I'm gonna go to work, run some errands, and maybe get some "something I want and don't need to do" time in. I'll be riding the fumes of this weekend 'til the next one, but I fully believe I'm gonna find something hidden in the dust of this week that'll recharge me.

Later, dudes.

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