Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hit List

This list will be a little off because Monday was a holiday and oh! Because I'm forgetful as shit and didn't post it until 8 p.m. on a Thursday.
  1. Clean my room.
  2. Make it to yoga class twice. ... and by this I mean failed.
  3. Run errands, I guess.
  4. Plan birthday week/extravaganza/etc.
  5. Start in on some of my bigger and more long-term gonnas. (One of those is to make an honest woman out of this blog again. I promise I will, baby.)
  6. Write my first Examiner article.
Oh, and do any of you remember my life map? This is what it looks like now:

Don't mistake my quietness for nothingness. I'm sitting over here like an assassin, crossing shit off my hit list with silent fervor. It's like that weird, sexual John Mayer song.

I'm gonna execute these to-do's and get to ring shopping for this blog. Enjoy yourselves.

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