Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A Recap

It's been quite the year. From my first entry to now, so much has happened that all somehow seemed right. Some good, some bad, but even the bad this year seemed purposeful. I can't wait for that feeling to follow me into the new year. I can't wait to conquer the next generation of gonnas.

Here's my year in lists and photos. Enjoy them, and have a great last night of 2011, y'all. See you in 2012!

My Top 5 Memories:
1. My BFF's wedding.
2. Meeting my bf.
3. ROAD TRIP!!!!!
4. Finding a home.
5. NYC.

My Top 5 Moments:
1. Hearing those 3 special words on a warm August night.
2. Sitting in the front row of the Improv at a Russell Brand show.
3. Watching W&D have their first kiss as a married couple.
4. Emerging from Grand Central into Manhattan for the first time.
5. Standing in the crowd of a Live show with the spotlight turned on us,
singing the lyrics to "Heaven."

My Top 5 Scenes:
1. The sunset in La Jolla.
2. The streets of NYC.
3. Simon Pegg's autograph in my copy of "Nerd Do Well."
4. White Sands National Monument.
5. My little cousin opening presents on Christmas morning.

(**Photo credits: 1. Harry Stone, 2. Betsy Noel, 3. Tina Patterson, 4. Rachel Noel, 5. & 6. Unknown, 7. Rachel Noel, 8. Unknown, 9. & 10. Rachel Noel)


  1. love this!! Wish I had such an organized memory of the year. Loved your blog in 2011 and it will continue in 2012. muah!