Friday, January 6, 2012

Time for Another Round of Bullets

I just realized this is my first entry of 2012! Ahhh! If I believed in the Mayan prediction of the apocalypse, now would be the time I'd go on a spiel about the meaning of this year, but instead, here are some random bullets for you.

  • I've been writing at Southern Sheek. Follow that blog if you want to get more frequent updates from me!
  • I updated my Gonnas page with a new simple to read photo of the fears I have to conquer in the foreseeable future.
  • I just opened my doors to mop and can LEAVE THEM OPEN in January. Is this a joke?
  • I'm lucky to have just received a place in an organization I actually believe in. I'm so excited to be starting off 2012 doing something that's going to make a difference and make me happy to boot (see photo).
  • I just brushed one of my two dogs with a broom.
  • I had salt & vinegar chips and pretzels for breakfast.
  • I have no shame about any of the above.
For now, I'm gonna go treat myself to the pleasures of this beautiful day. I'll be back with a more substantial entry after the weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying their 2012 so far!


  1. Congratulations on your new job! And singing in public is awesome. ;) I'm a big fan of it. It helps if you already play instruments and have performed those in public. Do you?

  2. Thank you! I used to sing in groups in public, but I never took the jump to solo. I never upgraded my skills on the piano to above beginner, so I've never played instruments in public... unless you could the xylophone and recorder in 4th grade. What, whaaaat!