Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anxious Beast

Anxiety is something so native to my being I often find it hard to believe when people don't understand it. "What do you mean you just... do something?" I find it biting when they don't think it's real. "You mean you don't trust the thoughts in my head are actually happening the way the thoughts in your head are?" I find it daunting to try and explain it to the former, let alone the latter, but I just found the most brilliant and accurate illustration of anxiety on the face of this planet. Ladies and gents, The Anxiety Monster.

(Source unknown, but I'd love to credit the genius behind this.)

26 Gonnas for 26 is really about working on ignoring that ugly boogeyman. While I've started on a handful of the 26ers, I have to constantly battle the beast in my brain that says I can't do them. But as we always say here: oh, I'm gonna.

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  1. Anxiety in my case usually centers around fears of abandonment, a generalized sense of dread, and occasionally huge spikes caused by specific external stimuli, such as seeing someone again after a very long time that I'd hoped to never run across in the future, situations full of conflict, whatever. Or just straight from nightmares, I'll have waves of nauseating fear and occasionally nocturnal panic attacks along with the diurnal ones. Fun! Anxiety can blow me.