Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Tonight, I'm Gonna SLEEP

I'm a bitch when I don't sleep.

This is a cold, hard fact. I make no attempt to hide or repair it. I simply cannot properly function in social settings when I don't have enough shut-eye under my belt.

You can bet when I woke up feeling like I'd been tied to I-40 and run over by 5 p.m. traffic that I didn't think my gonnas were gonna happen.

But then I surprised myself and realized halfway through the routine that I was preparing to face the world, adequate social skills by my side or not. I threw my tennis shoes into my purse and set to conquer Strawberry Hill. "I'm gonna" number one? Done.

I eventually had to brave an emergence into the public in order to get materials for my DIY bracelet. I might have prayed to myself a little for the sake of everyone I came into contact with in Michael's. These giggling little girls in the scrapbooking aisle almost caught the wrath of my unsleep, but I managed to wrap it up before it got out of control.

That is, until I started my bracelet. Measuring the thread was fine. Prepping the materials was cool. Knotting the first few links was alright. But then the thread started to stray, the knots started to differ, and GODdameifneferyemotherfucer uaiefkeu@*!*~&$&#, I unleashed my sleepless ire on those inanimate objects (and maybe an ex-friend, too, but let us not digress). Still, at the end of my bout with the project that made me forget how to do anything right, my second "I'm gonna" was done.

After that, a stiff drink was in order, but since I'm on a hiatus from the alcy, I just went and watched my friend Tommy drink with all of his friends. And for those keeping tally at home, that hangout makes my third "I'm gonna" complete.

I sadly didn't get my extra gonna of resumé-ic nature in, but you know what? That's why I made it an option. Maybe I'm good at this planning thing when I really try. Yeah, Day Runner, I'm looking at you. You've got some competition on your hands.

Today I'm gonna: take a day off and see what happens. I have faith that I won't fall off the wagon, but I might need some of you to dust me off come Sunday.


  1. you do not have big feet

  2. your toes are extra special. try walking the dogs at the humane society. lil pups make jogging a little better

  3. Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. ~Fran Lebowitz (from lynnwords)

  4. My feet can be anywhere between an 8 & a 10, but I would tip over if they weren't that large. On another note, I want to know who thinks my toes are extra special!

    I love walking dogs at the Humane Society, but am taking a break since the last time I had to literally carry my dog due to fear of her choking herself. PTSD, ya heard?