Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cleaning Out My Closet

Remember that getting rid of clothes I never wear project? Here are their last journeys before meeting the inside of a trash bag.

(Old: black/floral shirt dressed up with new booties and skinny jeans.)

(Old: American Eagle striped shirt dressed up with semi-new pumps and cardigan.)
(Also the first time I've mixed patterns. Kind of scary at first, but I'm a fan.)

(Old: Leopard blazer dressed up with belt, undershirt, and leggings.)

(Old: Shirt dressed up with my new hair cut. I had about 5 of these basic tops and tossed them all due to lack of quality.)

Half of the pieces slated for re-wear bit the dust before I even gave them another shot, while others were simply too big or too small. As documented in this recent entry, I also gave some of my old spring/summer wardrobe pieces a second chance after finding their accessory soulmate.

As for the couldn't-part-withs, I have a bag of them set aside for a neat little (future) project at Southern Sheek.

Thanks to this journey, I've become more acquainted with the Goodwill bag than ever before, and I've said farewell to the "But what if I need it or miss it when it's gone?!" mindset. See you in another life, old wardrobe.


  1. Good for you! I have that thing where I cling to stuff I'm now too fat for, but have the vain hope of one day fitting into again. Maybe with all this running and hiking? Sigh. Or not.

  2. Oh My God the leopard!!!!! You look like a Raymond Chandler femme fatale.