Friday, January 18, 2013

Not to Sound...

Have you ever had those moments where you want to say something, do something, but you don't because of how you'll sound? How you'll look? I know most of us like to imagine we don't really care what people think, but I'm posed to guess that even those people who DO have lower give-a-shit levels still have the I-wanna-be-accepted gene floating around somewhere inside. I'm one of those people, so I feel safe in assuming I'm not the only one

For the most part, I say what I feel and do what I want because I don't care what strangers think about me. And as for those who DO know me, they accept me for who I am, so I don't have to care. Right? RIGHT?!


I know that my little love circle of friends/family/BF/etc. will accept me, weirdness and all, every day for the rest of my life. I don't care about them accepting me as is because, well... they do. But I do care if they think I'm suddenly becoming a horrible monster, or an annoying bitch, or a shell of a person. I expect them to call me on it because I would want them to. And though I have no aspirations to become any of those things, sometimes I wonder if things I say might sway them to believe I'm on that scary road.

But in keeping with my fear overcoming and my 2013 resolving, I just need to continue making the internal external... without crossing the T.Swift line, of course.

Not to sound naive...
but I really just want everyone to get along and be nice to each other. Be grateful. Say thank you. Don't guilt those of us who believe in this kind of thing. Just smile, man.

Not to sound vain...
but I'd like to model from time to time. I want great photos to look back on when I'm a relic of a good life. I want to work with my fabulous photographer friends. I want to improve my own photography skills by knowing what works, and then flip the camera around on all my beautiful pals.

Not to sound demanding...
but I want to start promoting my creative endeavors more often, and I want my circle to support me in that. I don't want people to be annoyed in doing so, either.

Not to sound ridiculous...
but I wish people danced more. DANCE WITH ME, Y'ALL!

Not to sound crazy...
but I'd really like to make a dime or two by writing, humoring, acting, and singing. And I really don't want to do it alone. Join me friends; I've got ideas! (Seriously, email me:

Not to sound pushy...
but do the same. Tell me what you want to say, what you want to do, and then let's go do it.

Not to sound cheesy... oh, hell, I've never cared about sounding cheesy.
We can make our lives these crazy, amazing adventures, but only if we help each other accomplish our goals.

Now let's Leslie Knope this shit and get on with our awesome existences!


  1. Do you have a video or audio recording of you singing, girlie? I'd be interested to hear!

  2. love this!! about the dancing...have you heard the song man on fire?? also, i'll be your model (not to sound vain) hahaha. love you.