Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

March, Then & Now:

One year ago, I decided it was time to stop pretending I was gonna do things and start to actually do them. Since then, this blog has seen me through many life events, both great and bad. It has evolved from silly to-do lists and it will continue to change as I do. (There will always be room for humor, though.)

I am thankful for the motivation that struck me on The Ides of March last year. I am unsure as to where its gone – my sneaking suspicion is it got smothered by real life – but my goal is to get it back. It carried me through a solo trip to my dream city, a new love, a new job, multiple moving woes, another new job, finding a home, changing friends, new furry children, a wedding, an even newer job, the last year on Earth, a healthy lifestyle change, and finally, another limbotic phase, the kind that brought me to form this blog in the first place.

I am just as thankful for the things this blog itself has brought me: new friends, the world's best audience, and peace of mind – even if no one reads about how pissed off I am at a wanna-be politician or how upset SOPA makes me, it's soothing to have a platform.

While I have technical goals for my blog in its sophomore year, my main concern is reinvigorating my creativity for everyone's sake. I want that starry-eyed wonder I had a year ago to return, never forgetting the harsh realities learned this year, but letting go of the anger and fear those not-so-shiny moments spawned.

This year so far has been about change for the better. I only have the same hopes for this blog. It might be a long, complicated process, but with a little work on my will power muscle, it can all only go up from here.

Thanks to all my readers supporters. I couldn't keep writing without knowing someone out there cares. You are champions.

Special thanks to:
My mom, for supporting/helping create so many of the ideas behind and in this blog. The rest of my family, for keeping up the ratings when no one else does. My friends, for being good sports about being blog fodder. My love, for actually laughing at my videos. My teachers, for teaching me all I know about writing and its technicalities. Those who made this year full of hard lessons, for teaching me that some people and situations just suck, but also reminding me that their suckage is not my problem or a reason to hold on to anger. And again, my readers, for being interested in the mind of a weird girl who uses too much profanity, thinks she's funnier than she is, and who loves all of you more than you'll ever know!


  1. happy 1 year! love you! ws

  2. I would just like to go on record as saying you don't use too much profanity. :p Happy Anniversary! I look forward to many more hilarious (and serious) posts from your fabulous self.

  3. So happy that you have written all year so that I could follow along in your life. I have missed you this week! Would you take my phone number and text me sometime? There are so many days when I see something and think "Rachel!" but must keep it to myself. ;) xoxo

  4. I was going to say "Of course! Email me..." but then I realized I hadn't checked my email for the blog in MONTHS and found you'd already sent me a message! Responding now!

  5. You are such a natural story teller - story keeper - and I love you and your fuckin' great blog!